A fine philosophy

A Desperate Fortune - Susanna Kearsley

On a spur-of-the-moment trip to the market with Luke, a casual acquaintance, she fell in love with a silk scarf, cornflower blue shot with silver.  Rifling through her pockets, she discovered she had left her money at home.


"Which is it you want? The blue one?"


"That's all right, I have a lot of scarves. It isn't necessary."



"When did it become a crime to want what wasn't necessary?"  


I was left to try to form an argument to that while Luke stepped up to greet the woman in the stall.   He'd pointed out the scarf to her and paid for it and had it wrapped and handed me the parcel by the time I could reply, "I only meant that I'd survive without it."


With a shrug he said, "Surviving life is not the same as living and enjoying it."

Page 171


While I agree with the sentiment, I'm not sure if I applaud his nice gesture, or am a little annoyed at his presumption.  I'm probably being overly suspicious but I'm thinking there's something not quite right about his eagerness to please.