This ones's not on sale

Some Girls Bite - Chloe Neill

The vampires had outed themselves in a Chicago press conference.  Some people loved them.  Some people wanted to be them.  Not Merit.  She was just trying to get on with her grad school life.  Until that night . . . 


"I’d made fun of them, of her, of their pretensions.
And in return, they’d made me like them.
Wasn’t karma a bitch?
Now they were sending me back home, but returning me differently. Notwithstanding the changes my body had endured, they’d glammed me up, cleaned me of blood, stripped me of clothing, and repackaged me in their image.
They killed me. They healed me. They changed me."

(From the Amazon sample)


so, I'm looking forward to this one, I think.


Never, anymore, do I buy books I haven't yet read (unless I already know I love the author), because I have bought too many books, purported to be the best thing ever, that I have only despised.  


So I always read a library version first.  Unfortunately, we now live in a town of only 30,000, and the library isn't as comprehensive as I'm used to.  In other words, Chloe Neill isn't in their catalog yet.


my niece is reading the series, and I want to read it too.  She is at home right now with chronic health problems, at least until the tests come back with some sort of news as to what should happen next.  So it would give us something to talk about while we're waiting.


I'm breaking these book buying rules,


-- never buy a book you don't know by an author you don't know

-- vampires are almost always a no go

-- wait for a sale


. . . but I'm totally okay with it this time.  Because reasons.