Best reads of June 2015


Looks like it was a YA month for me.  I read five of them, but these three were the best -- all of them are coming of age tales, each of them done brilliantly. (Four stars and more, for me.)  Click the links below to see my reviews: 


Add in these two: 

   With four-and-a-half stars, and




 Mort(e), by Robert Repino, (yes there are talking cats (and the second book of the month featuring ants -- weird)) with four stars and I guess I had a pretty good month even though i was able to spend time reading only in the first two weeks because I've been doing this instead, followed by traveling to a niece's wedding, followed by brother in car accident just prior to the wedding.  It was a beautiful wedding, one of the best I ever remember, and my brother's okay now so no worries.


I didn't finish even one Kindle Unlimited, so money wasted there, but now that I'm home again I can finish   which was a book that really wanted me to stay awake and read it -- now I can; and

  , the audible book we chose for the trip from SA to KC, but it's Stephen King, so much too long for a mere twelve hour drive; and this one

  which I will finally get to return to its seven-day shelf at the library (only a little bit overdue).


year's half over.  How'd that happen?