What I've been doing instead of reading. . .



This is going to be a light reading month for me since I've read barely ten pages during the last two weeks.  So busy during the day, that we are falling into bed exhausted at night. With not enough willpower to keep your eyes open for reading.


i did do this one night though -- turned on the Listen feature.  I didn't exactly go to sleep, but two hours later, I knew my brain hadn't taken in what I was listening to.  What it had done instead was take the characters and made them do whatever it felt like making them do -- and even though it had nothing whatsoever to do with what was written on the pages, I was still highly entertained by my brain game.  Does that make sense to anybody? If it doesn't, I'm not surprised.


anyway, I'm going to have to "re-read" that two hour section.  Except I don't know if you can call it reread if you didn't even read it in the first place.


this is what I have been doing instead during the past fortnight.



I'm in San Antonio (one of my favorite cities, to visit and to live in) stayng with my brother.  We've been working on a two year project (it was supposed to take a few weeks) where we removed 100% of the sod and came back in with native plants, stone, woodchips, and gravel paths.


two weeks ago when I arrived it was glorious, Color Everywhere.  Several days of rain and wind have whipped away most of the blooms, so there's two reasons I regret not pulling out the camera on day 1:  I can't share the riot of color with you, and you won't be able to appreciate the vast amount of work we have accomplished.  


our carefully crafted natural landscape had devolved to wilderness -- which wildlife love but we like it to look a little more ordered.  It required weeding, trimming, pruning, raking, transplanting, moving gravel, spreading woodchips, hauling off the debris, a little bit of spraying -- but we do that sparingly, because Ecology.  So fun and rewarding, but also tired-making.


the hummingbirds and the butterflies really love the red plants . . .


 . . . And were absolutely swarming around these purple things (that's the technical name), until I went out to try to capture some on camera.


Not much color, but lots of textures, and shades of greens and grays.


Due to all the rain, the mosquitos were having a field day, . . . 


. . . (happy sigh, and deep breath) . . . 

. . . But we kind of think it was worth it.  Do you?


headed back home this morning, then a niece's wedding in KC, then maybe I'll be able to hit the books again.


Traveling today and tomorrow then wedding stuff.  I may not get back on much until Monday.i miss you all already.

have a fun weekend.