"Where do you buy those offensive T-shirts"

He Forgot to Say Goodbye - Benjamin Alire Sáenz

[Question posed by exasperated mom to teen-aged son.]


"Offensive? Okay, tell me this. What's more offensive, a Che Guevara T-shirt I bought in an alternative store in South El Paso for 12 bucks and run by a guy who works with the homeless, or a thousand-dollar silk blouse that was made in China my mom bought at a Dallas boutique run by a fashion queen who lives in a gated community? . . .


. . . Admittedly, my T-shirts cost a lot less than her dresses or her shoes – – but still we were operating under the same basic system. I mean, the people who made my T-shirts probably didn't get paid crap for their work. And the people who made my mothers designer dresses didn't get crap for their work either. . .


She confiscated that particular T-shirt anyway.


Not that Sally was winning the T-shirt argument. I mean I just started keeping my T-shirts in the trunk of my car. When I would leave the house, I just changed into them. You don't always win an argument with words."


P. 137-138