Best reads of May 2015

most of this month's books came from the Recently Added shelf at the local library.  You guys know the story; you go in to pick up a couple of books from the waiting list, and you find a few more you can't leave without.  I ended up with thirty.  Didn't get them all read but made a good stab at it.


I'm only going to talk about the ones which rated four or more stars.  There were still plenty of them.

every one of these is a new--to-me author, and I will be looking for further works by each of them.


Jo Walton's The Just City and Ian Tregillis' The Mechanical are each the beginning of a series and I will be purchasing both of these plus the subsequent volumes for my own library.



i talked about these in another post, but I'm going to go ahead and show you my favorite Historical Fictions of the month:




and Kindle Unlimiteds:



i read 24 books this month and 17 of them were 4 stars or more for a percentage of 82%. Really High.  I know.

but for the months prior to May, the percentage of four to five star reads was 32%.  The book gods were smiling on me.  Hope they stick around awhile.