May 2015 -- Why I Read Historicals

Thanks to Whiskey for the hashtag,  and also to Book Cupidity for the reminder.


it's been a lucky month for me and Historicals.  Every one was four stars or more.


two of them featured women in the 1800s, one in the U.S. And one in Australia, who found that they could better realize their dreams of working with horses if they dressed like men.



Mary Doria Russell continued her saga of the Old West in Epitaph:



and The Fifth Heart covered the 1880s and 1890s with just a touch of unreality.



All four are prime reasons why I find Historical Fiction to be such a fascinating and satisfying genre.


(Totally a coincidence that they all happen to be set in the 1880s -- I like reading in all time periods and all around the globe.)