Went to the library for an A. S . King book, and brought home four.

Glory O'Brien's History of the Future - A.S. King

this one is starting off extremely well.


"So we drank it – the two of us. Ellie drank it first and acted like it tasted good. I followed. And it wasn't half bad.

When we woke up in the morning, the world was different.  We could see the future. We could see the past. We could see everything."


"Having a dead mother isn't convenient. . . . My dad was helpful; but he's a feminist, not an actual woman."


"Ellie hadn't been to public school with me since we finished the eighth grade, and in the four years since, she said, 'Homeschooling is faster because there's no repeating everything all the time,' about 11 trillion times to me. Maybe it was true, maybe not. Seemed to me homeschooling was just another way to keep all those kids in the commune from seeing the real world.

I didn't like the real world, but I was glad I knew about it."