I already liked the MC . . .

The Rebellion of Miss Lucy Ann Lobdell - William Klaber

. . . but now I know we'd be BFFs.


"Just then something touched my leg.  I looked down to see a scrawny, three-colored cat making a sad appeal for food.  I slipped her a piece of buffalo, and she ate it in a single swallow.  Then I heard a sharp yell, and the cat ran for the door.  

'She won't stay out of here,' the hotel keeper said by way of apology.  'I'm gonna have to shoot her.'


Five minutes later the cat was at my feet again.  'Can I take her?' . . .  He raised his eyes as though I were a soft-hearted fool.  I took that for a yes and carried the cat to my room.  I put her on the bed, and she lay with her paws outstretched.  I named her Cleopatra."