"now that she was growing more certain she was a pawn in someone’s game, she was both pissed off and determined to figure out who was moving the chess pieces."

Younger - Suzanne Munshower

Anna, deep in the middle of the strategic planning for the marketing campaign to roll out the revolutionary new anti-aging product,YOUNGER, has been transformed from a woman with nearly six decades of life experience to a woman with the appearance of being aged twenty-five to thirty.  She is now living and working in London, and everyone knows her as Tanya, the energetic and attractive brand manager.


After four weeks in her new life, Anna offers up this insight on the motivations of the older woman: 

The YOUNGER woman doesn’t want to be a hot young babe. She doesn’t want to be someone else; as our tagline states, she wants to be herself but younger. And since she can’t be younger, she’s content to look younger.

Most women my age don’t feel middle- aged or older. They feel ageless. It’s society that labels them. They’d like to have others see them as they themselves do in their mind’s eye. And they want others— especially potential employers— not to be able to take one look before pigeonholing them by age. It’s that simple.


I'm loving this book.  It has a great female protagonist, the author seems to understand women of all ages, and the conspiracy and danger is moving to the forefront.  


Appearances are deceiving.  Take nothing at face value. Don't sign anything without reading it. If it's too good to be true, it probably isn't.  Always ask questions.  And don't trust anyone you don't know.