Immerse or Die

Because of the process followed before they made it to the list, I'm definitely checking out the books in this bundle.


Author Jefferson Smith had a great idea, and of that idea was born the Immerse or Die Bundle.

Every morning, I get on my treadmill, open a new indie fantasy or science fiction ebook, and start my morning walk. Any book that can hold my attention for the duration of that forty minute stroll gets labeled a survivor. But getting there is not easy. Every time I read something that breaks my immersion in the story—bad grammar, inconsistent worldbuilding, illogical character behaviors, etc.—the book earns a red flag, called a WTF. If I find three WTFs before I finish my walk, the clock stops, the book closes, and I ruminate on what went wrong.

After surviving the first round, those thirteen survivors were then run through a second gauntlet as well. To survive that round, they had to do more than simply avoid WTF triggers. They had to grab my attention and hold it, and then deliver a complete and satisfying story. Not just clean production, but an entertaining read. And not just for forty minutes either, but for the entire book. What I was left with at the end of that second round was the collection of eight books you see here today, snatched right out of the fury of that indie firehose. – Jefferson Smith

He read a total of 114 books in order to find the eight very best to feature in this bundle