Three 50+ friends having lunch in LA

Younger - Suzanne Munshower


"I’m not suggesting you go under the knife. Just some light laser for the sun damage and fine lines, implants to plump out your cheeks, some alpha hydroxy acid creams. A derm can handle that. Just come with me the next time I go. You, too, A?”


Anna jumped. “Me?” she all but shrieked. “You think I look old?”


“Mmmm.” Allie leaned in, undressing Anna’s face with her eyes. “Hardly old. You have such good bone structure. Still . . . maybe a zap of Botox for the crease between your eyes, laser for those lip lines, and a touch of filler to get rid of the marionette lines.”


Anna forced a laugh. Jesus, she thought, just what I need . “You’re making me sound like Grandma Moses! I don’t have marionette lines!”


Allie ran her right index finger lightly from the left corner of Anna’s mouth toward her chin. “They’re not bad, but they do scream ‘Fifty- plus!”


“Gawd, we should have had two bottles of wine,” Jan said tiredly. “I think I’m depressed now.”


And now, I think I'm depressed.  Time for a glass of wine.