Sometimes, I like what the author writes about himself

The Speaker for the Trees - Sean DeLauder

deprecating with a spot of humor:


"The author of this story has held several positions in recent years, including Content Writer, Grant Writer, Obituary Clerk, and Staff Writer, and is under the false impression that these experiences have added to his character since they have not contributed much to his finances.

He was awarded a BFA in Creative Writing and Journalism and a BA in Technical Communication by Bowling Green State University because they are giving and eager to make friends. He has a few scattered publications with The Circle magazine, Wild Violet , Toasted Cheese , and Lovable Losers Literary Revue , and resides in the drab, northeastern region of Ohio because it makes everything else seem fascinating, exotic, and beautiful."


i liked the book, and was going to write something but then I found the review by Chance's Take on Books, and she says it delightfully.  


In the interest of full disclosure, there is this review with the opposite viewpoint.