I was in the mood for a mystery . . .

The Alternate Door - Bruce H. Bretthauer

And this one has time travel. score!


but the lead detective is a female, and the author is male.  I'm not sure, but I think I'm starting to have a problem with his portrayal of the detective.  First of all, I'm in chapter two and she's already mentioned "her girlish figure" twice.


then she goes to a restaurant frequented by the murder victim to interview the manager, and this happens:


Gina dug through her purse trying to find the envelope with Steve Robinson’s picture in it. Finally she just emptied her purse on the table: newspaper, her pistol with two spare clips, wallet, notebook and pen, a romance novel, a book of crossword puzzles, a croissant from Starbucks that was a couple of days old and should probably be thrown out, her compact, hairbrush and comb, lipstick, keys, ID folder with her badge, chap stick, breath mints, a handful of loose change, and, finally, down at the bottom, the elusive envelope.


See what I mean?  Besides, I wish he used her last name; Gina sounds too casual.


but, enough of that.  I'm probably getting to the good part now.