When you search for a book on Amazon . . .

The World Before Us - Aislinn Hunter

Thanks to Wanda's Book Reviews, I looked up this book on Amazon, and they also offered these:














The full title is The World Before Us: Creeping Spiders come NOT Here (They have their talons sunk in deeper than you realize)


The description is almost longer than the nine-page "novel."


This is a look at the world that has been and is being created for us to live in. I look at many of the individual parts of this world and the ideas that we are expected to believe, without being able to question their authenticity. I believe I have proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is a plan taking place that most of us have no part in and I believe we are being led to believe things that aren't true, for the sake of our compliance. Our nation is being taken away from us and I think the time for us to correct things and return this nation to the way our creators saw fit has come.
We must unite and with one voice tell them NO! NO MORE....we Will NOT accept this torture and training any longer. We the people must ALL rise TOGETHER, no longer separated by color, race, religion, sex, or bank account and not be afraid any more and when they have attacked one of us, they have attacked ALL of us.
The battle is on all fronts of society, there's no stone left unturned and there is no arena they have left unaltered in the hopes of gaining a foothold into every person's life. The ultimate goal is domination, absolute dominion, and widespread death. Our time to fight is now. Letting this moment pass us by will inevitably lead to our destruction.


you better believe I'm reading it!  It's nine pages. And a diatribe. And it's free with Kindle Unlimited.


but it also listed these, which sound interesting:


Before Memories fade by Pearl Fichmann;






I've serendipitously found some  gems this way.  Looking forward to all of these.