Suggestion: "Judge a person the same way you would a book"

Conjure - Alice Hoffman, Timothy Tang

"In a fiction it was possible to discern the wicked from the pure of heart. Roses withered when devious individuals passed by; blackthorns grew about them. But such clues were not as evident in real life. 'Judge a person the same way you judge a book,' Mrs. Fanning suggested. 'A search for beauty and truth, a gut response to what feels a lie. Intuition.' She seemed quite sure of herself. 'Imagination.'"


this is a beautiful short story with finely drawn characters.  I believe I'll call it a coming of age, even though it's complete in only sixteen pages.  it's  a story of a protagonist who is stronger than she looks; maybe it comes "from carrying all those stacks of books from the library."


Anyway, a situation presents itself, with a probability of dire result,


Abbey determines that there is no favorable outcome, only a least bad one, and does what it takes to make sure that happens, accepting the repercussions.


She is so strong and admirable.  Love her and love this story.