This 28-page short did the job it was supposed to do.

A Drink Before We Die - Daniel Polansky

now I have to read The Low Town Trilogy.


The MC is a mafia (type) boss with a tight rein on his territory:  I  kind of like his philosophy:


"Common wisdom affirms against the drinking of whiskey during daylight hours, and while I can see the merits of the argument, it is not one to which I hold. True, a few fingers of liquor, or even a wide- stretched palm, impairs your ability to cope with the world's troubles, miseries and horrors; but it also makes you less concerned about this failure, and since the world is certain to throw more at you than you can handle regardless, I think it a more than equitable transaction."


"A generation in Rigus had bred all that out of them, left them indistinguishable from the men they'd overthrown. It made you wonder why anyone bothers with open warfare— just wait a decade or so and everything gets ground to banality by the steady march of progress."


“Like I said, you can cut all that. Etiquette has its uses, but there's no reason to make a fetish of it.”


"My job really isn't so difficult. Convincing violent people to do violent things? Like getting a cobbler to resole a shoe."