The Dogs Who Came to Stay, by George Pitcher


Based on a review by Lauren B. Davis', I've found another excellent book to read.  Given the subject matter (dogs and love of dogs), it's going straight into the TBR, and pretty high up.  I definitely need more time for reading.


From Lauren's review:


"Since the great fault of dogs is that their lives are so short, the ending cannot be other than it is, and some of the most moving passages come at the end of Lupa's life, when George describes how Lupa 'forced me to look death squarely in the face, to acknowledge its reality. She taught me how to be a person in her dying, how toLinda Hilton's review comfort her. She made vivid for the me the plain truths that death is the natural rounding out of a life, that it can even be a desired conclusion. She taught me not to resent a beloved person for dying but rather to cherish her all the more. She taught me how to say farewell. And she taught me, at last, how to grieve.'"


Thanks, Lauren