[Reblogging]. Today...

[I'm reblogging this beautiful post by Danielle because it's inspirational to me.  I plan to refer back to it on some future blue day. -- thanks, Danielle!


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Today is an important day. And that's just it. It's today. It doesn't have to be a holiday or vacation day, it doesn't have to be even a good day. But you're alive! You're not walking 10 miles to get water, there and back. You walk probably not even ten steps. You have a bed and pillows and blankets. You have good food, healthy clean water. So the point of having a good day isn't that nothing bad happens to you because, trust me, there might be somethings that will set you off, but focus on the little things, like God or your son or daughter, your dog, your cat, your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend, your friends. And while this post might seem a little hypocritical since I struggle with this everyday, me writing this shows that I'm learning. And I had a pretty good day yesterday. Sure maybe I don't have a best friend who's my age, maybe I don't really have any friends my age. But I do still have people who care about me.

Love, Danielle