The Unbearable Irony of Libraries in Wartime

In addition to all the human atrocities that ISIS is committing, it also intends to destroy all the libraries.


"What better way to stun a city than to erase its entire cultural history in the flash of a bomb? But the Islamic State is also violently enforcing an edict of cultural and ideological purity where no book that promotes infidelity to its narrow vision shall remain. This brings us to the first irony: if ISIS must destroy all writings at odds with its beliefs, then it must destroy every document recorded over 8,000 years."


this excellent article by Johnathan Sturgeon can be found here, and also lists even more ironic things.  Like, even as ISIS has destroyed over 100,000 books by burning libraries, the Library of Manchester has pulped over 240,000 items through its routine culling process.  Which raises a question for me.  I know that librarians are legitimately responsible for keeping our libraries current and relevant, but I find it disturbing that the materials deemed no longer necessary at the library are simply destroyed.  Surely there are other places they could be of benefit.  


Does anyone else feel the same?