Seven in a row!

Fog Warning - Edward Lorn Always Emily - Michaela MacColl The Uncanny Valley: Tales from a Lost Town - Gregory Miller, John York

on Saturday, I listed four (in a row) books with a four (or better) star reading, and said I couldn't remember the last time that happened.  And now, I've finished three more, (Pictured above.)  In a row.  


Someone, I think it was SusannaG, challenged me to go for eleven.  So That's what I'm doing.


i have Speaks the Night Bird by Robert McCammon, and The Duchess War by Courtney Milan.


then I'll need two more and I'm up for suggestions..  What's your favorite read?


ps. Only one of the seven came from book browsing.  The rest of the reads came from recommendations from readers like you.  So, Thanks.