exaggeration is the official language of the internet . . . and, the rise of the click-bait headline"

Not that this is new.  Everybody knows this.  But I "love " the way this guy spins it.  (and yes, in real life, I would simply "like" it.)


"The first half was great,” she said. “But the second half got a bit boring.”

Well that was jarring. For weeks I’d been told by seemingly everyone on the internet that witnessing Kate Bush live was a life-changing event; a transformative experience of staggering magnitude. Attendees described a sort of positive version of the climactic ark-opening sequence from Raiders of the Lost Ark, of thousands of people simultaneously overpowered by a work of supernatural genius. Apparently these people didn’t simply attend a rock concert – they were French-kissed by God. So majestic was the performance, all the molecules in their bodies were disassembled and temporarily rearranged into a pulsating jellyfish of pure enjoyment, basking helplessly yet blissfully on the shores of Lake Kate, before the stunning finale finally healed and reformed them and sent them on their way. They crawled from the venue on all fours, uncontrollably weeping and soiling themselves all the way home. Hours later, once they’d finished shaking, they went on Twitter and explained how even the typographical layout of the ticket stub had made them cry nine times. And yet here was someone shrugging at it all.

Source: http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/oct/06/internet-hyperbole-charlie-brooker