Here's me, grovelling shamelessly

even though I know it's hopeless.  But one of my favorite shows is probably having its last chance for renewal tonight, and if the audience is big enough, maybe, maybe, the powers that be will consider renewing it. Maybe even the way it used to be.


in 2009, The Sing-Off,a national competition for acapella groups debuted and ran for ten glorious weeks.  It continued along until last year, when it shrank to six weeks, and this year its been relegated to a single episode.


i love this show.  If you love acapella, will you consider tuning in this evening?

or setting your recorder?

and maybe if we all believe, television decision-makers will make us happy one more year.


just so you know the kind of entertainment you will be in for, here's a selection from the 2011 Christmas show.  Ladies and Gentlemen, The Sing-off!


(Yeah, yeah, I know it's crazy, stupid and hopeless.  Let me have my fantasy, ok?)