This time travel is funny, convoluted and thought-provoking

Emit: a psychological technothriller short story - Jason Tesar

there might be some things that give you pause.  For instance, Darth Pony pointed out that the main characters's name = Time Distort when you read it backwards, which may be a little, I don't know, twee . . . or something.  Good catch, btw.  I missed it.


but I loved the story.


it does what a good TT should do.  Sets out the possibilities, the circularities, the what ifs and the consequences, and leaves you imagining what's next.


As I was reading, I paused to post a couple of things; the links are here and here.


when I looked into what else the author has written, I found a whole series.  YaY! and guess what? The first one's free.