Tlaloc, the mighty Rain God of the Aztec Empire has plans for the lowly fire salamander, Tez

The Fifth Sun - K.S. Miranda

Tez was one of the last ones to hatch. Instinctively, he swam out from under the twig to which he had just recently been attached and looked around for underwater insects, for he was a carnivore and a hungry one at that. He was surprised to see hundreds of creatures that looked just like him swimming in the same body of water. Looks like I may need to fight for my food, he thought uncomfortably.


Hours later, he stretched out on what seemed to be a large grey rock etched with strange markings and partially covered with algae. . .  


Suddenly, it felt as if the earth were violently trembling. Tez gripped the ‘rock’ with his 18 toes, indignant that he might be killed so soon after hatching. At the same instant, he realized the ‘rock’ he was on was attached to a large, ugly beast with a scaly head, four large wrinkly legs and a long tail made up of a series of large triangular plates.


I’m in big trouble here, thought Tez in despair. Abruptly, the beast began to move and Tez watched in horror as it lunged forward, time and again, with its mouth agape, snapping up the other larvae before they even knew they were in danger. Tez tried desperately to scream to warn the remaining few, but soon realized that salamanders are not able to speak.


He then tried to close his eyes to block out the carnage but found he had no eyelids. “Who came up with this ridiculous design?” he wondered, fighting hysteria.


I dont know why, but I love the visual I get from this.