A mystery with a treasure hunt set in the American Southwest

Seven Cities Of Greed - Jean Sheldon

what's not to love?  Unfortunately, plenty.


it all starts out in a used book store where a 400-year-old journal written by a Spanish adventurer comes to light.  There's good guys and bad guys, guys set on revenge, the journal with a treaure map; it should have all been good fun, but it was mostly kind of tedious.  


For one thing, at the beginning of each chapter, we are treated to excerpts from the journal.  But when the journal actually comes into play in the course of the story, we get to read it again as the characters go about translating and deciphering it. ?????


i liked the cast of characters, they all should have been interesting to read about, but we get to sit in on plenty of inane conversations like this one:


 “I have a small notebook. It isn’t very good, but I only use it to write emails and search for recipes. I want to learn how to play that solitaire game, but I’ve never even played it with real cards.”


“I’ll teach you,” Jackie volunteered and then reddened when she realized what she said. “I don’t play often, but I have, in moments of complete boredom.”


Jackie’s obvious discomfort amused Beth, but she came to her niece’s defense. “I’ve played it myself in moments of complete boredom. I much prefer Free Cell to the regular solitaire game.”


“I don’t play solitaire, but I play Scrabble on my computer.


and furthermore, when was this written?  2010!  These people act like they live in the 80s or something.  A very rich and powerful man is sent a video of himself in a compromising position, and his words are (paraphrased -- because it isn't worth it to go back and find the exact quote) how did you get that on the Internet?  


It just doesn't make sense.  Nor did many of the conversations spoken by the cast of characters.


i wanted to like it. There was a cat.  Even he couldn't salvage this story.