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Darwath Trilogy 3 Vol. - Barbara Hambly

i was going to include a video as illustration, but decided not to.  If you're so inclined, you'll look it up yourself.  Warning, it won't be pretty.


[A reconnaissance team has infiltrated the enemy stronghold in an effort to determine how they can be defeated.]


“Rudy?” Kara asked softly. “What did you see in the nurseries?”

“You didn’t see them?” She shook her head, “I explored sideways rather than down. I never reached them.”

“Count your blessings.” Rudy pulled his old coat a little tighter about him as a tongue of wind licked at his flesh. The curly wool of the collar felt stiff against his jaw.

“Were they so horrible?”

He was silent, staring out into the darkness of the frozen court. Kara blew on her knuckles and rubbed them, her dark eyes never leaving his face. Finally he said, “You grew up in the desert.”

She nodded, “Yes.”

“You know what a tarantula- wasp is?”

“Of course,” Kara said, a little surprised at this non sequitur.

“Then don’t ask me about what I saw in the nurseries.” He waited for a moment while she thought that one through. She made a dreadful, stifled noise in her throat and relapsed into sickened silence.