What would you do??

Echo Prophecy - Lindsey Fairleigh

lets say you're a 24-year-old grad student, and all is well with your world.


if your Mom came to visit, and started the conversation, this way . . .:


"'Sweetie,' my mom began in a voice that instantly told me something was wrong. 'I came out here for a reason . . . not just to surprise you.' She took a deep breath, either to calm her nerves or strengthen her resolve. 'Your dad and I were talking the other night, and we decided that, well . . . Lex, haven’t you ever wondered why you don’t really look like your dad?' she asked, gazing intently at the empty wine glass in her hand. Sickly yellow light from the kitchen reflected off its convex, crystalline surface.


What’s that supposed to mean? Tons of people don’t look much like their parents. Why would she ask me that? Unless . . . she can’t mean that . . . Dad’s not my . . ."


Put aside the fact that this seems like a really awkward way to start the conversation, how would you react if your mother told you that half your genetic makeup was from an anonymous sperm donor?


Lex freaks out, gets angry and spins into an uncontrolled identity crisis.


maybe I'm just super-unimaginative (I'm really not), but this seems like an over-reaction to me.  I'm curious -- how would you respond?