October Snow -- this book is full of Quotables

October Snow - Jenna Brooks

“I like growing older,” Jo mused. Max laughed. “Now there’s a shift in topic.” “I like all the things I’ll never have to do again.”


“'Interesting metaphor, by the way. Earthquake, huh? . . . I’m just looking back at the last few days. Thinking about where we were a week ago. Everything’s shifting. Changing. Like it was all so stable, and steady…And meaningless.…and then, everything got shook up. All at once. . . .  'Yeah, I agree,” she said, grabbing Max’s glass on the way to the kitchen. “Except that earthquakes happen to you. We chose to shake everything up.'"


" . . .  being out in the world when no one else was around felt like a secret of some kind, a moment in time that belonged to her alone."


'"He came right out and said that with my rebellious spirit, and my refusal to be led, that I wasn’t a very good Christian. . . . I said, ‘Hey, you know the Pharisees thought that Jesus Christ wasn’t a very good Jew, either.’”


"Max was relieved that Jo seemed more centered again; at the same time, she felt a twinge of guilt, wondering if a better friend for Jo would be someone who didn’t depend so much on her being centered."


" . . . once upon a time, her friend had been a happy, loving person, with dreams, and ideas–and hope. Someone’s sister, daughter, mother, friend. But she had also been Keith’s wife. The person that Jo once was, and the woman she might have been, were gone." (Keith: abusive husband)


"Jo didn’t care about living anymore, and that was only a brief step away from dying."


"Half of the lights (in the hallway approaching the apartment) were always burned out. “I don’t care,” his mother had said. “At least it’s harder to see how shabby the carpeting is.” He smiled, remembering how she made him laugh . . ."


" ‘You know what? Peace is overrated. The most peaceful place on earth is a grave. And I don’t want to be buried alive.’”


 “'I’m thinking she may be giving up, though . .  . On life. But that doesn’t mean she’s angling for death, it just means… Hopelessness.'”


"Not dying isn’t living, just like not being hopeless doesn’t add up to hope . . . That’s what being buried alive really is.”


"She caught herself looking around helplessly, and she wondered what on earth she was looking for. Someone to come riding in on a white horse . It was a familiar feeling, as was the hopelessness she felt after."


"John wanted to hate him, but there was something so synthetic about him–about his new wife, as well–that he thought it to be akin to hating a character on TV."


"I admired so many things about you. Almost everything.  But I don’t want to wind up like you. I don’t want to starve to death, all alone on some island inside my own head. Hopeless."


"‘boring’is more contagious than measles, and not nearly as much fun.”


These quotes and many more. Although perhaps they are better in context.  Oh, well.  This book is four stars for me, or maybe four and a half -- still thinking.  Review forthcoming.