[Reblogging]. Do Something Good for Yourself and Others


How often do you get a chance to make a difference just by reading? Of course, if you are reading to someone else, you are certainly making a difference, but there are other ways you can help that are just as rewarding. I discovered Publerati through NetGalley, and I have been a fan for a while now. They turned me on to the wonderful writing of Ellen Cooney, with their publication of Thanksgiving. So when I saw this email from them today, I just had to share. I have a couple of their other books in my to-read pile, so there’s plenty to choose from. Your purchase – and these are inexpensive ebooks – really does make a difference. There are some perfect holiday reads – Thanksgiving, Normal Family — that will help you keep everything in its proper perspective when the holidays start to get to you.

For every purchase you make, Publerati donates 15% of the publisher's share to the Worldreader Organization to help spread literacy. This is a great pitch, but honestly, these are terrific books. You will be happy to have read them, and the fact that they are paying it forward is really just a bonus.


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