One more September Favorite -- (didn't fit into a convenient category)

The Dark Victorian: Risen Volume One - Elizabeth Watasin

"This day marked her sixth day of life; her first was when she woke in eldritch fire and electricity in the Secret Commission’s laboratory. Dr. Gatly Fall had resurrected her as an artificial ghost devoid of personal memories, though she understood that like the rest of the Secret Commission agents, she was formerly an executed criminal. She’d also been allowed to keep some elements of her identity. Why she was allowed to remain Quaker was a mystery. The name given her then was Artifice, and thanks to the papers this was how the people of London knew her. Jim Dastard, an animated skull and her partner, urged her to name herself, so she took the name Art."


It's her sixth day of life; we were introduced to her in Bones, where she had a very hectic week tracking down a case of missing children.  She isn't going to be able to slow down in this book either.


Art was "allowed to remain Quaker," but why is not the only mystery she faces.  Art and Jim are on the case of a series of mysterious deaths where the victims' organs and skeletons are removed while leaving their skins intact. 


 The mystery is a good one, the steampunk environment is fascinating, and the characters are compelling.


(I like this cover better)

4-1/2 Stars