Favorite Time Travels of September -- Four Stars and more

these two are teen time travel series, and I love them both.  A Pair of Docks was a new series for me, and the second book hasn't been published yet, but I will be reading it as soon as it is.  

Be Right Back is the first book in the series;  although I have read the rest of the series, I just now got to this one, and it was great.  But now, I'm sad -- no word yet on when the next book will be available; I check periodically because I want to make sure I don't miss it.




This one is a different take on the genre.  We had a normal, present-day world, but someone messed with the time line, and now we have a kind of on-going, stagnating Regency society where America never gained its independence, women never achieved suffrage, and classes are still stratified.  There are some who know the difference and are trying to put things right.


 Loved it,


Still plan to read everything she's written, and this dual-time didn't disappoint.  An author moves to the west coast of Scotland to breathe in the atmosphere as she writes about the Uprising of 1608.  It's almost as if she's really there.



I love this series in which someone is capturing Time Shifters for research purposes -- laboratory experimentation and dissections are in the works.  Akalya has to find a way to save her people.  This second book in the series was a three-and-a-half star read for me, but the series averages out at four stars.